True-Light lamps are distinguished by:

  • The use of materials: pure argon gas, 14 natural phosphorus powders and UVA- and UVB-light transmitting sodium glass tubes.
  • Know-how: True-Light optimally and firmly reflects all spectrum colours in the right proportions, including the healthy  UVA and UVB
  • The full spectrum: a score of 96 on the internationally established Colour Rendering Index (daylight 100, Cool White 68).
  • The colour temperature: True-Light establishes the absolute temperature in order to gain the true daylight colour, being 5500 Kelvin.
  • The effects: optimum use of vision and the medical-biological effects of daylight on mind and body.
  • Light yield: radiation across the full spectrum width and an excellent light yield ( good light is not merely a matter of lux and lumen!).
  • Durability: an average life span with electronic choking of  24000 hours. An electronic choke induces a 25%  decrease of energy use.
  • Economic reasons: productivity enhances, less stress, less absence through sickness, less mistakes, better colour rendition, more energy and ability to concentrate. Eye tasks requires approximately 80% of our energy. Seeing with True-Light is therefore much easier than with other light.