True-Light: 50 years of original daylight lamps.

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These full spectrum daylight lamps were developed for NASA in the United Stated in the 1960s. Astronauts and submarine crew experienced complaints due to lack of daylight, the answer was found in the use of True-Light full spectrum daylight!

True-Light almost equals daylight, it has a CRI of 96! Regular daylight lamps do not have the essential parts of the spectral range and therefore miss the positive effects of natural daylight: stimulation of vitamin D production, a healthy work- and living environment and a perfect colour reflection. Besides, True-Light is made of a sodium glass tube, which allows healthy UV A and UV B to shine through.

Product information, applications and references will give you a clear idea of what True-Light stands for: first rate quality lighting! Scientific research and users’ experiences show True-Light is just as healthy to humans, animals and plants as natural daylight. That is why True-Light is suitable for all sectors.

Product properties

Even though nature cannot be improved, we can strive to copy its perfection. That is exactly what True-Light does. Made from the finest materials; 14 (!) different natural phosphor powders and pure argon gas combined with a UV transmitting sodium glass, make True- Light is a product of the highest quality.

Colour rendition

The colour temperature is 5500 Kelvin.

The Colour Rendering Index of True-Light is 96, taking into account that natural daylight is 100. Compare this to the Colour Rendering Index of an ordinary Cool White bulb, which is only 68!


Colour brightness

In contrast to other artificial lights, which transmit light within the yellow band, True Light emits natural daylight throughout the lamp. The result? Better sight, less stress, no fatigue being active and feeling healthy. True-Light transmits an optimum brightness of the light and a perfect colour rendition.


True-Light cannot be compared to other daylight lamps, True-Light is the original! Due to the UV transmitting sodium glass and the fourteen different phosphors, True-Light almost equals natural daylight more than any other daylight lamps.

True-Light: often imitated, never equalled!

Spectra compared


Product line

True-Light lamps

True-Light is available both as compact lamp (with multiple fittings) as well as fluorescent lamp. The compact lamp has an automatic electronic ballast, making disturbing flickering disappear. Compact lamps illuminate small areas, such as workplaces. The True-Light fluorescent lamp, however, is suitable to light bigger areas or places in need of more light. These tubes are available in different sizes, varying from 43,5 up to 150 centimetres and they fit in any armature.

True-Light compact

Are you looking for a comfortable, easy to install work lamp? Then the compact fluorescent lamp is what you want. There is no need to customise the armatures; our compact fluorescent lamp easily fits the regular light-bulb armature. True-Light compact; convenience at your desk or worktable. Artists also benefit from this compact lamp, due to the extreme high colour rendition of 96, colours are reproduced accurately. Even at night!