What do users say about True Light?

R. H. A. Nyns, regional health fund DSW from Schiedam:

“True Light lamps are in the entire building. We are very pleased with them. It is so much nicer than working under regular fluorescent tubes, especially when being busy all day. Actually, you don’t even notice the light are on. It is not illogical people feel better with full spectrum daylight lamps than with artificial light. We have been accustomed to daylight for many thousands of years, but not to artificial light”


Chin A Paw, dentist:

“For more than 10 years, I have been using True Light lamps in my practice. I have noticed it is less trying to the eyes. With True Light lamps helps I can see more in the mouth. Because this lamp reflects daylight, you get exact colours. I don’t have to wait for the x-rays, thanks to True Light I can immediately see what’s wrong with the naked eye, for example very early signs of caries between the teeth. Light well or laser are redundant when using True Light. I advise my colleagues to start using True Light”


P. Lagarde, primary school De Wichelroede from Udenhout:

"The True Light full spectrum daylight lamp is very pleasant to use in classrooms. Natural light is very important for children. Children can look straight into the light without it being irritating. My colleagues tell me that absenteeism has declined.”


Drs. J.T. Ling, Center for Human Development from Lelystad:

"As a healthcare centre we focus among other things on people with stress and RSI. I have known about the positive health effects of daylight lamps for some time now. When I discovered True Light, it appeared that these effects only occur with lamps which have the complete daylight spectrum. My advice is to use True Light lamps. They are a must for anyone wanting to optimize his working conditions”


W. de Ruiter, Reformatorisch Dagblad from Apeldoorn:

"We use True Light lamps at the image- and scan department. Colleagues were troubled by the light that was here before. Images were too bright. It was difficult to make a good colour assessment. With True Light it is even possible to assess colours on screen. The complaints have gone!”


W. Schaefers, Graphics Training Centre from Veenendaal:

“We have purchased True Light lamps because of longer durability, better light quality, better colour rendition and to have as much daylight as possible. True Light tubes have been fitted throughout the entire lobby.”


Eddy de Wit, veterinary therapist:

“Farmers who have True Light installed in their stables, are very pleased. The True Light lamp is one of a kind. Just like natural light, True Light activates productions of vitamin D, by converting different pro-vitamins. A good thing for both the thyroid and the parathyroid. Absorption and distribution of calcium is better regulated. I can tell by looking at the cattle; which look so much better and feels so much more comfortable with True Light.”


Dhr. Jacobs, violin maker from Middelburg:

“Other full spectrum lights are often very white and bright to the eyes. Some lamps have a greenish colour and others are too blue. True Light produces soft high fidelity light. That is why  working under True Light is so comfortable.”