High-frequency biodynamic lighting.

Dalen lamps are made from dual white LEDs. This is the latest LED technology to create perfect light. The lamps have a CRI 95.

Biodynamic lighting is also referred to as correlated color temperature (cct) or visual timing light (vtl). This way of lighting is based on the principle that light should not always have the same color because daylight also changes in intensity during the day. That is why the lamps can color from warm light to bright daylight and are dimmable. This way you can determine the desired color temperature and brightness at any time.

Dalen LED use the patented eye-protection technology. This means that there is a special filter in the hood that blocks the blue light (400-800 nm).  the lamps meet the  EN standards: 60598-1+2,62493,62471,61347-1+2-13,62031+A2. 

daylight scheme

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