Biodynamic day-rhythm LED is the latest development in the world of LED lighting.

Biodynamic day-rhythm LED is based on the principle that light should not always be the same colour, after all the colours outside aren't the same alle the day time either. That is why Biodynamic day-rhythm LED adapts to your wishes, going from warm lighting to clear daylight. The colour you desire, at any given time.

Our Biodynamic day-rhythm LED armatures are dimmable ánd high frequency.

The light colour can be changed from 2800 kelvin ( warm white) to 6000 kelvin ( cool daylight white), simply by using the remote control. Not only can the light colour be changed, the Biodynamic day-rhythm LED can also be dimmed. This way you can determine your right colour temperature and clarity whenever you wish.
All our Biodynamic day-rhythm lights are standardly delivered with a remote control.

daylight scheme

Some types can also be delivered with an WI-FI option. The WI-FI option enables you to program your light colour with the free App on your smartphone; so you can have your light have the colour you please, at the moment you please.

You can find all the models on the UK site:  United Kindom or on the Irish site: Ireland