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Printing offices cannot function without proper light. A perfect colour assessment is basic necessity for a printer. With True Light, the printer does not have to walk to the window in order to assess the colours. Immediately after printing he can determine whether the colours meet his expectations. Therefore it is not surprising True Light is very popular with printers. The long life-expectancy of the  full spectrum lamps is a big advantage, because they need not be replaced as soon as other lights.


In the studio of a professional photographer, True Light full spectrum lamps is a necessary feature. Every colour deviation or any form of blurriness will surface with True Light. Digital photographs will be of top quality when made under exposure of these lamps.



Is this blue or black? Pink or violet? Often colours appear different in shops than in daylight. Assuming he bought black shoes, the customer later realises he bought dark blue ones. True Light prevents all this due to the perfect, high fidelity rendition of colours. Mistakes are impossible; the customers knows what he is buying.

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