To increase the well-being, we recommend  high-frequency fixtures. We will explain you why.

The use of a high frequency fixtures:

  • saves 25% energy.
  • The lights have a very long life, up to 30% more!
  • It provides a calmer light and reduces strain on the eyes.
  • It produces no measurable electromagnetic fields.


A conventional fixture  (recognisable by the flashing start) is controlled by 50 Hz. This means that the light  is controlled by 50 blinks per second. Our eyes consume a lot of energy because of  these blinks.

Humans and animals are very sensitive to the flashing and therefore the blinking is increased,  and because our eyes are constantly trying to reduce these blinks, there are many complaints. People can get burning eyes and a headache which causes stress and irritation. Animals get unusual, sick behavior and birds can  literally go insane. Birds experience the 50 Hz blinks, the conventional switching lighting, the same as we experience a strobe.

Our high frequency fixtures give more than 25,000 Hz: This means that the light has 25,000 blinks per second . We don't see these blinks anymore and we experience high frequence of light as very constant and it reduces the strain on the eyes . This has a soothing effect on human and animal health. Complaints with a conventional controlled fixtures, disappear with a high frequency fixtures.

You can get our  fixtures  dimmable.