Welcome to Naturalite, importer of light-specials.

For over 25 years, we specialize in lighting for the graphic industry, the medical and dental sector and the welfare sector. There where color and healthy light are important.

Naturalite has all the brands of daylight lamps in the range to give you good advice, including True-Light®, Viva-Lite and Philips. This in combination with our high frequency luminaires gives a natural and healthy light image. We also supply high-frequency CCT led lighting (day rhythm led lights) for your healthcare institution or practice.


The importance of natural light

It is not without reason people are happier when the sun is shining. According to many scientists, one of whom being the American light-biologist dr. John Ott, sunlight has a positive effect on all living organisms. Daylight stimulates vitamin D production, which is key in absorbing calcium and other minerals in blood. It influences production of melatonin - the “sleep hormone” - and it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Natural light also has a stimulating effect on our immune system. Daylight is soothing and shows contrasts; it is indispensable!